March 24th, 2006

Shigure from Boys Next Door

Hazy, far-off porn mirages

Ty-chu and I are thinking about collaborating on some comics of questionable content (Man, that's fun to say). We both get to do ideas, and probably get into lengthy arguments over breast size. I get to do the dialogue, because I'm just that good. Go me!

Sample conversations between Ty-chu and I:
(I was going to write something for him, and made the following threat.)

CranberryNoMiko: *shakes fist* Don't make me break out the realism
shyft9: no mistress! anything but that!
CranberryNoMiko: *raised eyebrow* Mistress?
CranberryNoMiko: I don't think I could domme my way out of a wet paper bag, babe.

Yes, this is a -- I can't stress this enough -- normal conversation between us. He's like... my bosom buddy with no bosom.
Just kiss

Toybox: Like Aqua, but moreso, in many ways

Got my Toybox CD in the mail today (Yay!) and I'm listening to it. I'm trying to figure out how these people didn't get hassled for copyright infringement. They steal quotes from movies in every song so far (I'm up to track five of 12), and one of their songs is called E.T.

Predictably, I adore it. Mindless, bouncy synthpop! Ok, track six is a little creepy. "There must be something in the wine/'Cause I think I love you" Mmm, drugs are love. That's right. O...o Same song has the line "Don't talk, just kiss". Woo, steal from everything imaginable.
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