November 15th, 2008


My door

It started with a little message, on a neon pink post-it note for visibility: "No! I am writing."

Then it was upgraded to this: "Just don't."

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This final attempt seems to have been successful. I'm going to go try out Write or Die, which promises to keep me writing like the wind. My previous writing aide was this lovely stopwatch, but that works better for word wars. I need something that will bully me into writing for now.

Here goes nothing!
Shigure from Boys Next Door



Usually I can manage 500 words in almost twice that time -- I would say this thing is a huge help! I'm going to try for a longer writing period this time.

(For the record, I set it up for 500 words in 20 minutes, with the grace period set on strict, in kamikaze mode. It deletes words if you stop writing too long!)
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