December 20th, 2012


What I'm Doing Tonight: Minecraft City Construction Challenge

I'm playing in Normal Mode -- I'm going to create a world and find somewhere flattish, near water, to settle, and see how it goes from there. :D

Basic Rules:
- Mine shafts must be at least 3x3 areas (except in naturally generated caves)
- If you find a bucket, you may use it regardless of the stage you are in.
- Any NPC constructs do not count towards requirements, but you may use anything you find (e.g. If you find a smelter, you can use it... however if you are still in stage 1 you cannot craft more smelters)
- Raw food and zombie flesh does not count towards item requirements (but may still be eaten)
- Use at least 'Easy' game difficulty
- Do not cheat at any point in this challenge
- Post your progress on this thread (optional) [I'm posting here instead]

My world seed: Construction!
Hi from Nage Libre

What I'm Doing Tonight: Minecraft City Construction Challenge: Part 2

So far, my most exciting find has been this:
Crazy Dungeon!

It's a zombie dungeon that's on top of a mineshaft over a ravine. Yeah, I looted the chest and got the heck out of there. With no armor and a wooden sword, I'm not feeling too cocky. My house is a bit of hill I've dug out by a pond, so I can shelter my slow-growing wheat farm. Haven't found any coal. Can't wait to be able to use stone tools!

Goals so far:

- You must own at least 1 dwelling to live in, made from any material allowed and it must be safe to sleep in.
- The dwelling must contain:
X A front door
X A living area
- A Bedroom with at least 1 bed, must be a seperate room with a door or on a separate floor.
X A bed for each player participating, must be in a dwelling.
X A fenced off (or otherwise protected), working wheat farm that must have at least 5 wheat per person participating (1 person needs 5 wheat growing, 2 need 10 wheat etc.)


X 1 stack of 64 planks (or 16 wood) per person participating
- 5 items of edible food per person (e.g. 5 porkchops, 5 bread, 4 bread and 1 porkchop etc.)
Hi from Nage Libre

What I'm Doing Tonight: Minecraft City Construction Challenge: Part 3

Finally mined myself out a little side room to call my own, and made 8 cookies which means I can move on to the second stage of civilization!

Underground bedroom

Here's stage two's requirements:


- At least 1 community structure must be constructed (excluding town hall and stage 1 structures).
- A town hall must be constructed, which must contain:
- A front door
- A meeting room
- A town treasury
- At least 1 other room (can be empty)
- Paths must be created linking the town hall to each house


Treasury must contain:
- 1 stack of cobble/stone per player
- 10 items of edible food per person
- At least 1 of each:
- Stone Sword
- Stone Pickaxe
- Stone Shovel
- Stone Axe
- Stone Hoe
- Stack of 64 torches