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Felt compelled to write about my life for once...

Yesterday was horrible.

I woke up with a cheerful feeling that I now recognize as an omen of doom. I got a ride partway to school from my very nice neighbor, and hummed happily the rest of the way.

First period wasn't really *bad* just boring. Maria-chan was gone (I now know she was sick. Awww~~~ Poor M'ia-chan!) so I just sat around and wrote up some character profiles in my little "Character File" (Thank you Mrs. Wheeler!)

Second period wasn't really bad either... ^.^;; A little dull, but I got to talk with Shel-chan the whole class. That was when I started suddenly and randomly feeling depressed.

Third period made me want to stab myself with my pencil. (It's Pre-cal.) I did nothing except sit and try not to fall asleep.

I knew Fourth period was going to be bad from the beginning, since I felt like crap when I walked in. We worked on a worksheet all class. Fun.

I hung out after school, but no one really talked to me and so I moped in peace. Then I had to walk home, uphill in the cold, which was actually slightly soothing as well as tiring.

I'm hoping today will be better. There's Writer's Club, and I can think of only one meeting where I was *not* happy at Writer's Club. ^.^;;

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