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First presents

I gave and recieved my first Christmas presents. Both were rather... odd.

I gave my friend Jax her x-mas present, a music video of her favorite character from Tekken (Jin) to her favorite song from DDR (Boom Boom Dollar). She really liked it, which I'm glad for, since my MV skillz are not quite l33t. ^.^;

My first present recieved was a bit of a shock to the system. I was eating lunch, and somehow we got on the topic of the little "one ring" replicas a lot of people in our group have. I commented that I really wanted one, and I had been trying to steal everyone else's. (Just joking, of course)
This guy named Tyler asked me, (it seemed random at the time) if I was going to be there for the rest of lunch. I said of course, and he just stood up and left. Very odd indeed.
He appeared later and slid something across the table at me... It was one of the "one rings" on a little stand (that lights up... odd). I was very shocked, since he's usually a complete jerk.
I almost didn't take it, but Shel-chan said he wouldn't give me Star Ocean if I didn't. (Oh the cruelty!) So I took it, and I'm wearing it now. I really like it, actually, it's just the source that's kinda disturbing. I never would have thought Tyler would be the one to give me a ring for Christmas. ^.^;;
Of course, Jax made all kinds of comments. *GLARE* About rings, and symbolism and crushes and such. Grr. It's not funny.
Tyler would usually rather strangle people then give them presents, so it's odd. >.< If he does like me... Argh. Why do all the *wrong* people like me? It's never the guy *I* like. *sigh* Sure, he's taken, but I can wish...

Well, I guess Christmas has officially started. Merry Early Christmas to everyone and...

KURISUMASU Omedetou, minna-san! (^.^)

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