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*shudder* Character Relationships

Ok, character relationships are evil. Why? Well, I have thirteen characters, six gods and seven humans. (This is for NaNoWriMo, by the way.) I made up the personalities and relationships for the gods but the humans are giving me trouble. I think I have their personalities worked out now, so I might be able to work out the relationships. ^.^;; It's just so much trouble! It will help a lot when I actually start *writing* this story, so it's worth it. After I finish the character relationships, I have to make bios for the characters (Thirteen!) and physical descriptions. And a website for the whole stupid thing. ^.^;; It's not really stupid, just mildly irritating. Anyway, Cran-chan has agreed to help me, and is going to give me the coding I've been looking for so my site will look spiffy.

In other news, Seymour killed me. Again. I'm going to level up a lot, later, after I finish my UNGODLY amount of math homework. *blech*

Now to make me feel better, MAN I REALLY HATE MY MATH TEACHER! He's weird looking and perverted, and just generally creeps me out. *shudder*

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