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I went grocery shopping with my mom, and I've noticed a lot of cultural/language differences over here, besides the fact that everyone has accents. ^.^

Happy Christmas is high on the list. Very odd for me when people say it. Apparently "merry" means drunk... *snicker* In which case I am wishing all my friends (I mean YOU William!!) A very NOT merry christmas.

Driving on the left side of the road is fun, except I keep trying to get into the driver's seat, thinking it's the passenger side. ^.^;;

The 8 hour time difference is awful. I wanted to call everyone when I got up (11:30ish ^.^) and I realized it was about just about 4am. ^....^ Be happy I didn't. I can call you guys more during winter break. Anyone want to tell me when they'll be home and gone so I can? I can call about noon there easily, if we're not doing anything. (That's about 4 here)

Also, (to Maria-chan and Shel-chan) AIM! Go on AIM when you get up and about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, I might be online. In the meantime, SEND ME E-MAIL! ONEGAI!

I miss everybody, except Tyler and all the stupid people. ^.^

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