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Dec. 22nd, 2002

Today was an artsy day. We went to a musem (The Burrell collection) and an operetta (Die Fledermaus [the bat])

The museum was neat, had lots of pretty ancient stuff, including a glaive which I would love to own (and sharpen). I picked up cards for my family and postcards for Maria-chan, Tison, and Nicole (who's last name I can't remember... ack!)

The operetta was hilarious, it was a comedy about people trying to lie to each other and getting busted big time. We got ice cream during the intermission, which was goood. (chocolate w/ chocolate chips!) We got rained on on our way out, which was not fun, but ok.

Tomorrow we're having company over, which I despise. (Having company over, the people themselves are very nice)

On monday Mom and I are going fabric shopping. She's going to make me new clothes, which is goooood! Yay! I get to pick out the patterns and everything. I'm thinking hybrid Ren style clothes and anything resembling a cheongsam. Maybe some skirts, lots of shirts for sure. I don't really care if people think I'm a loser because my mom made some of my clothes. She's a very good seamstress, and she's worked for a theatre company. There's no shame in having someone who's *good* make clothes for you. Especially not since they're free!

I think that's all that's happened today, ja ne!

Man, I really miss everybody! Guys, come visit me, would ya!