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Oh... my... god...

Seki Tomokazu and (my fav seiyuu) Koyasu Takehito. What is up with them?

Everytime I go to look up one of the two of them, the other one's name pops up somewhere in the show I'm looking up.

I just went to look up who voiced the chara's in Star Ocean: EX (The anime) and it turned out Dias Flac was Koyasu Takehito and Ashton Anchors (Barrells! *giggle*) was Seki Tomokazu! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! It's insane! Are they joined at the hip or lovers or what? Oooh... shouldn't have put down that last one. Maria-chan will murder me. ^.^ (She's a huge Seki fan)

Tomorrow, if I have free time, I'm going to work on compiling a list of all the anime they appear in together. Should be funny. I'll post it here if I finish it.