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Well, I've done my dumb thing for the month. Last night, before I went to bed (about 2am) I decided to put the bottle of sparkling apple cider we forgot to have with dinner in the fridge. Good idea.

Well, I also didn't realize that putting it in there didn't allow the fridge to close all the way. I shut the door and waltzed off the bed.

My mom woke me up in the morning and told me that the fridge had been open almost all night, and a bunch of things had gone bad. Luckily, it's a *tiny* fridge and we're not going to starve or anything, but I feel really stupid right now.

Other than that, not much going on. I'm looking around for some good SNES games (roms... if only I could find carts over here!) Any suggestions? Anything really good would be nice, I prefer Japanese-made RPGs, but anything's good. (RPGs in English would be nice...)