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Doing good... I think

Mom and I (mostly mom) finished two shirts today. The first is gray something or other satin with SPARKLY MIRROR SLEEVES! It's so spiffy! The sleeves are black fabric with little shiny circles (kinda like mirrors) on them, and they flare at the wrist. The second shirt is plain green, but it looks pretty good on me. ^.^;; Well, that's what mom and Brian said anyway... I think it looks ok, but I'm a bad judge of myself.

My neck really is starting to hurt from sitting at the computer for long hours and doing stuff. So, what you're all thinking is, 'Ok, she's going to go to bed, right?' Well, right! I'm going to go to bed.... and take the laptop with me! Hee hee! I'm going to try and write some 'fics or play more Chrono Trigger. ~.~ I'm in the stone age part, and it's boooooring. I want to see Magus! I want Magus in my party! I really want to find a Japanese rom of CT. It would be spiffy to see everything in Japanese! Also, you can learn a lot from the original versions of games (especially if they've been badly translated or something...) It'd be funny if Chrono actually talked in the Japanese version. Heh. Maybe his dialogue was so rude that it was cut! Not likely, but it's a funny thought!

Grr... I need inspiration! I want to write 'fics and I have to write an original story for my creative writing class. ~.~;; Of course, one of the two can be yaoi, take a guess which is which. My CW teacher is nice, and she doesn't care, but it embarrasses me to no end. (Like my novel... which I should read... Hmm...) Well, here's hoping I find inspiration. (Bishi muses would be good... ^........^!)

Ja ne, minna~

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