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Lord of the Rings rantage

Whee! I just got home from seeing... THE TWO TOWERS! *dum dum dum!*

Oh my god, it was so cool, I want to go watch it again, right now. There were *lots* of fight scenes, very spiffy to watch. (Yes, Legolas in action!)

Gollum was gross, and he argued with himself (It was scary, very scary... he reminded me of an unnamed English teacher...)

I loved the fact that through all the battles and bloodshed, Legolas managed to keep his hands and face *completely* clean. Hee hee! Aragorn is soaked in blood, smudged and smeared and Legolas looks like he's never even seen dirt in his life. It's hilarious.

The interaction between Gimli and Legolas is great. They were mortal enemies, and now they have this really funny friendly rivalry going on.

Oh yeah, there were *lots* of elves in this one. A ton of them showed up to aid the men in this battle (Yeah, I'm vague, no spoilers). I really want to know what their leader's name was... He was kind of like a little pudgier, slightly more masculine version of Legolas (who is still the prettiest member of the cast. Heh.). He showed up, and Aragorn practically threw himself on him... ^.~ Just in a friendly, companionate way, I'm sure. (Jumping him and hugging him really hard, yeah, companions...)

Anyway, there were lots of pretty people with long hair running around, as well as lots of very cool warriors. There were a bunch (I didn't catch their name...) that had costumes vaguely like samurai armor. Very, very cool looking.

I'm starting to see where all the slash fans get their material. Aragorn and Legolas... yeah. They spend long amounts of time within arms reach of each other, staring into each other's eyes, hugging (in a companionate way, right!) Sam gave Frodo this moving speech, and Frodo's eyes (huge, pretty blue!) started to tear up. They looked like they were going to hug each other, but then this guy (Boromir's brother... blech.) stepped in. Stupid guy! They were having a Cute, Cuddly Hobbit Moment!

Also, the Ents were *really* stunning! I love the Ents! They're giant moving trees, and they really rained on Saruman's parade. (Ha ha ha ha! Bad pun!)

Aowyn (who's name I'm probably misspelling) was pretty cool. One of my friends (Hi, William!) told me I was like her. I'll take it as a compliment. (Hey, she got to hug Aragorn!) I think she's the one that dresses up like a guy so she can fight... Maybe that's someone else, I don't know. I hope it's her. She's spiffy!

Arwyn still seems a bit flaky to me. I guess she can't help being flaky, when everyone around her is about 100X cooler (and have more screentime). I mean, seriously, which one is cooler, Legolas or Arwyn? One sits around Rivendell (which I have probably also misspelled) and the other goes and SERIOUSLY kicks Uruk-hai (oh, the spelling woes) ass. I know which of the two is prettier (hint, it's not Arwyn). Heh heh. Ok, she's very pretty, but she is still flaky in my opinion.

There is so much in this film to take in, I need to see it one more time. (Or five, or ten) There's a lot of eye candy (For fans of everything... guys, girls, action, cool costumes, icky monsters, pretty places...) and besides the prettiness, it's got a wonderful plot, great characters. (All with outstanding personalities... except Arwyn. Why yes, I am biased, why do you ask?)

Anyway, go see it now, if you haven't yet! Just about everybody can enjoy it. Just keep the *little* kids away, it's a tad bit gory. (most of the movie is fighting...)

Note to Maria-chan, sorry! I hope you can go see it soon! We HAVE to go see it when I come back, even if you've seen it by then. ^.~

Tomorrow, I get to see Harry Potter (the second movie, obviously) which I'm really psyched for. New characters, and.... well, never mind. ^.~ I'm not a Snape fangirl, really. (C'mon, he radiates *eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil* which I see as a good quality in a character!)

Geez, think I've written enough yet?

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