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A poem

Written at about two or three in the morning. (My best time for ideas...)

^.^ Whoever you think this is written to, you're probably wrong. And, if you're going to ask me who... Sore wa himitsu desu! ^......^

~No Regrets~ (I need to get more creative titles...)

You're all I've ever wanted,
And everything I can never have
I see you in so many people
But they're just pieces of the one I love
Thoughts of you fill my days
Millions roam my head at night
Everything that I hold dear,
I'd give it all to see you smile
I'll never hear the words I want
Pass across your quiet lips
But I'll cherish what we have now
And love you with no regrets

Yeah, it could use some editing, and I should post it to my site, but I'm to lazy to do either. (That and I'm leaving soon for HP)

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