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'nother movie rant

Ok, today I went to see Harry Potter. Of course, it was hours ago, so I've probably forgotten about half of what I wanted to say.

Let's see... Draco's daddy is an evil bastard, but he's got kinda pretty hair, and very nice evil clothes. (Malfoy clothing line: for the evil in all of us) Draco himself is like a midget evil bastard, more obnoxious and rude than actually evil.

Snape is still *the* coolest person. He really radiates evil, gets some fairly nice biting comments in, and gets to blast the pansy Lockhart across the room

I didn't like Lockhart in the movie, for some reason. His character was pretty much the same as the Lockhart in the books, but he just didn't have that over-the-top flair that made him really funny in the book. ~.~

Harry and Co. are looking a bit older, but Ron screams like a girl. Heh heh heh. He also looks like he has massive amounts of lipstick on in one scene, one of the car scenes, I think. He looked very odd.

Slugs are gross, and do not belong in people's mouths. Ick.

Polyjuice potions are also very, very gross. It looks like gray mold mixed with milk that's been in the blender for a few seconds.

The special effects are very nice, I really like Dobby, he was *very* true to character. Fawkes was spiffy too, and the basilisk was creeeeepy!

Tom Riddle's hair *really* bothered me. It was just a little too fluffy in some parts, which made him look a bit silly, rather than threatening.

Oh, the Burrow was great! It wasn't at all what I had imagined from the book, but it was very interesting all the same. The Weasly parents were so-so, the dad was ok, I didn't like the way the mom looked, but both their characters were fine. Percy seemed a little too young to me... and I think he needed glasses. He was always so business-like in the books, very dull, and in the movie he looked like just another kid. Feh, whatever.

The Qudditch match was well done, very interesting. The bendy arm thing was... a bit weird, but not quite disgusting. One little detail that bothered me was that Mme Pomfry said that regrowing bones would hurt a lot, and Harry wakes up in the night to talk with Dobby with no signs of pain at all... Go figure.

Did I mention Snape was cool? Harry and co are found at the scene of the crime, and he says something to the effect that it *is* possible that Potter is not the culprit... (Harry and Co looked shocked) ...but I would believe that he is. (I need the quote, but that's the spirit of it.) Heh, just when you think he stepped out of character, he comes back. Sadly, he didn't get much screen time, but managed to be cool and evil all the same.

I'm waiting for the next movie (and LoTR3) very anxiously.

Oh, I think the elf guy's (the pudgy version of Legolas) name that I couldn't remember is Haldir. I really need to go read the book. (I sense anger from the fans that *did* read the books) I think that the movie shouldn't be judged so much on being exactly true to the book. Think about it, did you like the characters, didn't you like seeing them all brought to life with pretty sets and special effects? Don't be so critical about the movie. Judge it for itself, not on if it's a replica of the book. I'd like to see people write a script for the movie that is short enough, *and will sell!* That's the crucial point. It has to please fans and non-fans, people who have and haven't read the book. Personally, I'm *glad* they don't break into song every ten minutes. The books are excellent, but good grief! In some parts it seems like two pages of action and then ten pages of song.

Man, this rant is too long... I think I'll just cut it

Ok, rant over. I miss my friends. I wish someone would comment on my poem. I have to get up early tomorrow to go out to lunch with Mom, Brian, and Brian's parents. Why? I will be stuck bored out of my mind listening to all the adults talk. ~.~ Kanashii~ For now, I think I need to settle in bed, pop in my headphones and pray for inspiration.

To everyone(RL friends): e-mail me! Tell me that I'm missed! Tell me Tyl-- somebody who really shouldn't be named has keeled over and died! Tell me William's ok for once! Something! (BTW, I'm wearing the ring here where he can't see it and interpret it [wrongly] that it's a symbol that I like him. *shudder*)

Gah, I've written pages again. Why can't I be inspired to write stories?

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