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The rest of yesterday

I completely forgot to mention the other thing that we did yesterday! *smacks head* I was tired from climbing all those stairs!

We went to a fabric store and got some fabric and buttons for my soon-to-be-made cheongsam-wannabe outfits. The fabric is *so* pretty! One is red with gold kanji on it (I recognize three, and know one...) and the other is black with gold dragons on it! Kyaaa~~ Pretty! The buttons we got are spiffy, they're long gold cylinders with loops in the middle (to sew them on, of course). The finished outfits should be very pretty. I think I'll wear one on my ride home if they're comfortable.

Oh, the pretty mirror fabric on the sleeves of one of my shirts is *so* evil. When we washed the shirt, about half of the mirror bits came of and got all over all my other clothes. I hate mirror bits now. Blech.

On the schedule for today is... homework, followed by homework and homework, and maybe cutting out the rest of the patterns for my clothes. >.< Not fun! Tanoshikunai!

On a happy note, Maria-chan wrote to me! Arigatou! Did you see my post to you a while back? I set it to "friends only" so you'd have to be logged in to see it... ^.^;; Maybe that wasn't a good idea...