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I went shopping this morning and got a bunch of Christmas presents for everyone! (Four, more or less)

A calendar of castles for my grandpa
A mug with a plushie in it (Dopey, Snow white and the 7 dwarves) for grammie
A case for his digicam for my dad
Five or six bags of cappaccino truffles, for Jax-chan, Shel-chan, Maria-chan and me. (Guess who's taking three... ^.^ They're my favorite)

I also got a Lord of the Rings calendar of screen shots from the first movie! Kyaa! I think there's at least one picture of Legolas (ah, the pretty close-ups) in each month! There's also a lot of other spiffy pictures. My birthday picture is Gandalf and the Balrog facing off. Very cool... but not very pretty. (Old guy and scary monster. Not pretty.)

Of course, I found a *great* present for Maria-chan, the art goddess as well as my super spiffy bestest best friend and loyal Cran-seishi! (Yes, that's her full title) ^.~ I'm not going to say what it is because she's probably going to read this. Hee hee! I'm very sure she'll like it though... it involves bishi, which is always good. Heh heh heh! I'll give it to her ASAP when I get back!

Mom's sewing away on more of my new clothes! Yay! She's going to make the short cheongsam-like thing out of the red silk with gold kanji. Kyaaaa~~~~! Spiffy-ness!

I also printed out my novel, which I'll read on the flight home. I'll also have my pretty tapestry to work on. (It's a green and gray celtic knot-type thing. I'm probably going to give it to William.) I'll also take my note book (Mochiron!) and try and finish my new year's side 'fic to my novel *before* new year's happens. ^.^;;

Well, that's everything. This is probably going to be my last entry before I go home. ~.~ I want to go home, to see everyone, but... I'm really going to miss mom and Brian and all the fun stuff here. *sniffle* at least I got all my saved games and files up on my site so I can get them back when I get home. ^.^

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