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Well, my trip is almost over. I'm happy/sad to go back. I think I've said that already. ^.^;; Oh well.

The saddest thing (not really) happened today. I went into this video store and started looking around, in my happy gamer heaven, then Brian pointed out to me that all of the games were only compatible with European TVs. It's heartbreaking. The same store had another place in the mall, and the windows were pasted over with big signs saying "sale!" ~.~ There is nothing worse than seeing a huge store of games, on sale, that you can't play. It's eeeeevil. In a baaaaad way.

Mom's almost done with my outfit, yay! I'm going to wear it tomorrow. ^.^ Maybe some otaku will sit next to me and strike up a conversation. (Please, please, please....) I hope I manage to get some sleep. I hope there are bishi somewhere on my journey. Well, I'll get a lot of tapestry/reading/writing done, in any case.

I also have enough junk food to last me the whole trip and then some. ^.^ Woo hoo! It's going to be great when I get back. I just hate the in between bits. I hope that my luggage doesn't get lost on the way back.

Well, I have to go do dishes (after I "dish" with my best friend... bwahahaha!)

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