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Marathoning is fuuuuun!

I watched all 13 eps of Yami no Matsuei in one sitting last night. I loved it, but I'm torn on the subject of Muraki. He's *so* pretty, but *so* scary. If I ever met him on the street I'd be torn between running like hell and trying to hug him. Of course, if he wanted to kill me, it wouldn't matter which I did. ^.^

Tsuzuki's eyes are soooo pretty. Everyone's eyes are really bright, but that shade of purple is just gorgeous. Watari is incredibly pretty. ^.^ Bishi, yay! Hisoka is kinda grumpy, but he's got reason, and he's so cute when he's with Tsuzuki. Oriya (who really didn't have much of a part) was also very pretty. Tatsumi looked like Muraki colored differently, which made him seem kinda scary to me.

Tsuzuki's love of sweets is incredibly funny. ^.^ he turns into a puppy! Kawaii~~~~~! I just got this funny mental picture of Tsuzuki and Count D (PetShop of Horrors) battling it out over some cake. ^.....^

What's really sad is that I'm not going to give it back yet. ^.^;; I'm going to rewatch it, but not all at once. Maybe one arc a night. ^.^;; Give my poor eyes a break. I found one fanfic (so far) for YnM, by one of my favorite authors! ^.^ Tayla Firedancer's "Sunday Morning Quest" It's very, very cute and *very* in character for Tsuzuki and Hisoka. Maria-chan! Ima! Yonde! If you're worried about yaoi-ness, don't be. I think it's less yaoi than the series. I wouldn't really call it yaoi. ^.^ So go read it! Ima! (Whee~ I've had coffee and I'm pushy!)

And there is Writer's Club today~ Tanoshii yo~ Shiawase~~~~~! ...Unless people try and make me read more. Grr. It's annoying. >.> I have a new story I'm working on too... but no one needs to know that! Bwahahaha! Maria-chan won't read this until it's too late! ^.^


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Jan. 8th, 2003 04:16 pm (UTC)
uh, yeah...
hmmm, even if I *were* to read it, you didn't include a link, smarty.
Jan. 8th, 2003 07:14 pm (UTC)
Re: uh, yeah...
Nyaaaaaaah! It's on my links page, thank you very much. *humph*

Just because you're so spiffy, here's the link. (^.~)


Enjoy! (Or else, nyo! *heart*)
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