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Today wasn't so great, actually. First off, when my friend (whom I call "chibi" for obvious reasons) came into Japanese class this morning, she was crying. She ran off to the bathroom, and a bunch and I ran after her, to see what was wrong. I got her to come out and talk a little, but mostly I got to hold her as she cried. It really hurts to see my friends like that. Really, really, really. I'm going to burn her a cd she really wanted to cheer her up.

Theatre is looking good, mostly because the project (evil drop-point drawing) that I thought was due sometime while I was gone is not due until the end of the semester! I have about two weeks now! Woo hoo! Very good news. I also got to be a little evil. ^.^ Always cheering.

Creative Writing is looking good, I have a story idea for my project, so no worries.

History sucked. We took notes, got a big assignment, and Maria-chan wasn't there. *sniff* I think she might be sick, but I can't get a hold of her. I hope she's ok!

Writer's club was angst-full, William, Jackie and I all read sad poems. All the same, it was a good meeting, with new members and everyone being pretty tame. (Except Maria-chan wasn't there, which sucked.) This one guy (argh, what *is* his name?) said I was the "Otaku megami" after I read my poem (which had nothing to do with anime, but was sad) which is the nicest compliment I've recieved since someone told me I sounded like an anime character. I'd love to do voice acting as a career, even if it was *gasp* dubbed anime! Actually, anime VA'ing is all I'd like to do. Commercials and such I don't really care about. If I ever do VA'ing, I'm going to work to make my voice sound as much like the original as possible. ^.^ Ya know, I *really* hope that poem William read was not written about me. That would make me very, very sad. ~.~ Poor Will-chan and his angsty-ness.

Well, I have a huge test tomorrow in English, which is horrible, and I have math homework, which is more horrible... I think. >.> Not sure. I can't wait for the end of the semester, because I am DROPPING PHYSICS (class of doom... no, boredom). Blech. I must remember to tell my couseller tomorrow. Die, boredom, die. ^.^ Now, I must study, calculate, and WRITE!

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