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Fame is beyond overrated....

I finally got my NaNoWriMo 2000 shirt in the mail (yay!) and also, by strange coincidence, the article about me and NaNoWriMo got published in the Clackamas Review. It's a very nice article and all, but I really hate being the center of attention. ^.^;; I'm strange like that.

I have piles (literally) of homework to do this weekend, no fun for me. I also seem to have mild writer's block, but I'm going to go and play games mindlessly until I'm inspired out of sheer boredom. ^.^

I also go my PSAT scores a few days ago.. I scored in the 95 percentile over all. I got a 74 verbal, 56 math (my bad subject) and 66 writing skills. Not too shabby.

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