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Star Ocean Rant takes over again

Ha, I finished my physics lab. It is horrible, very short and doesn't meet every single point on our little checklist, but it's done. I'm amazed I managed to get a page and a paragraph out of the very, very small amount of knowledge I actually gained from our *stupid* project.

I haven't finished my creative writing story, which could be bad. I may have to call upon my BSing skills I learned during NaNoWriMo and type like the wind! Then I'll delete everything I wrote and sit down and write out my story idea at leisure.

The semester's almost over, and I'm rejoicing. No more physics! I won't have psychology either, which isn't exactly *happy* news, but it lessens my homework load so there's a higher chance I'll finish my math homework second semester. ^.^;; I passed the class with a 'C' and I know I can do better. (The fact that I skipped oh, ten homework assignments didn't really help)

I have my Japanese final tomorrow, which should be very easy. This weekend I get to kick back, watch the first few eps of Saiyuki and everything else I need to watch... (.hack//sign, Chobits, Aquarian Age) I also need to pester people at school to burn me those copies of Star Ocean: Ex.

I love Star Ocean: Ex! Koyasu Takehito voices Dias Flac, and Seki Tomokazu voices Ashton Anchors. Ashton is insanely cute! He's got this thing for barrels which is hilarious, and then Gyoro and Ururun his back and everyone's inability to see him when he does something cool. The guy just needs a hug, really. And maybe some.... comforting from one of his teammates... or Alen. Alen is gorgeous in the anime, love silver hair, possessed by evil crystal, ends up shirtless. He's shameless fanservice. Ok, my SO:Ex rant just got carried away. I'll stop now.

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