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Yay! I finished my psychology paper, now all I have to do is pass my psych test and my physics final (Last class today! WOOT!) and I'll be FREE!

Maria-chan and I are maybe going to have a movie night (Maria-chan? Yes/no?) and I found this samurai movie (it has Shinsengumi in it, which is why Maria-chan wants to see it) and the movie is also yaoi! (=^.^=)

Mitch is going to lend me a disk that has an episode of Arjuna on it (music by goddess Yoko Kanno!)

I had an idea for a 'fic too! I was watching RK last night (Doumo, Maria-chan) and I had a sudden flash of inspiration. I hope I can write out my idea sometime tonight. ^.^

(Maria-chan count: 4) ^.^;;

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