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*looks around* It's been four days?

I guess I've been too happy enjoying my homework free weekend high to notice the passage of time. ^.^;; I haven't updated in four days... geez...

Ok, Thursday and Friday I spent with Maria-chan, watching movies. We saw Reign in Darkness (Low-budget movie so bad you'll laugh until your sides hurt), Triple X (Action. LOTS of Action!), and Gohatto/Taboo, (mindrape!!!!). All three were good in their own way... Ok, Reign in Darkness was bad in its own way, but it was really funny. One character's vocabulary was 90% "Sweet Jesus" and "Fuck." It was hilarious.

Saturday I babysat (more or less...) and then played Ever Grace. If you play it, play as the girl! She can shoot from a distance and basically take no damage. ^.^ The guy's cool looking though...

Sunday I played a little more Ever Grace (It's kind of addictive...) and then I went and downloaded FF4 and FF5. ^.......^!

(Rantage in 3...)




Final Fantasy Five (whee... alliteration) is SO MUCH FUN! It doesn't have five hundred characters to choose from like six, but instead it has the class/job system. WOOT! I love the job system! You can make your characters whatever the heck you want! I'm playing the non-offical translation version (aka not American-ized) so the names are a bit different (It makes getting help a problem...) but it's so great!

I turned Butz/Bartz into a theif (of course!) and he looked like LINK! He's now a Red Mage/Wizard with the abilty to Dash, Steal and see passages. It's scary. Lenna/Reina is a blue mage turned white mage who's pretty strong. Galuf is a monk. Faris (l33t pirate.... person!) is a knight. I just got a new batch of jobs. (Break, crystals, break! I want more jobs!) And so now I have the "caller" aka Summoner. I need to defeat Shiva and then I'll be set. ^......^

I don't think there's much else to rant about... Bartz kinda reminds me of Sheldon.... It's weird. ^.^ Ok, end rantage.

(Rantage... over...)

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Oh hey, Maria-chan? Can you call me when people start showing up at your house, onegai? I'll be playing FF5 until my eyes hurt, so I won't be online. ^.^ Doumo!