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Ah, shiawase~~

Ok, today is going to turn out pretty good. I'm actually glad to go back to school; I'm strange like that. I miss my friends, ya know. Well, except Maria-chan 'cause I got to spend three out of four days this weekend with her! Yay! =^.^=! I went over there yesterday with a bunch of other people (who shall not be named... 'cause I'm lazy) and they practiced a little (Maria-chan's in a band! ^.^) and then we watched anime. ^.....^ I got to see FLCL which is a wonderful mess with your mind sort of anime. @.@ Grungy Hamster... Vengeful Lobster.... New inside joke, anyone?

I woke up this morning from a *really* nice dream. (^......^!) and it wasn't one of the times where I woke up just before the good part, either. I got through the good part and THEN woke up! Go subconscious! I love my brain! ^.^;; Weird sounding....

The third happy thing is that there's Writer's Club today! WOO HOO! Paaaaaaaaaaarty! Paaaaaarty! *happy dance*

Oh, the other good thing is that it's the beginning of a new semester which means no physics (yay!) but no psychology (not-yay). I think I'll take advanced psych next year. ^.^ Man, I could leave early today, except there's writer's club. Hmm... I have to find somewhere to hang out for the last period. Maybe Mrs. Wheeler's room.... ^....^!

Man, I am so happy, it's almost sick and wrong. ^......^

One downside, no psych = no Shel-chan today. *sniffles* Dang. Oh well, one negative, four postitives, I think it works out ok. ^.^