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The past few days

Ok, yesterday we (me, Maria-chan, dad, and dad's friends) went to Mochitsuki 2003! Yay! Japanese New Year's festival is fuuuuun!

I got coffee ice cream mochi, which was TOTEMO OISHII!! I got to see a bunch of *cute* little kids do a dance, and this funny guy do a play. Then, the part we actually paid money for, the main show, was really cool! There was a group doing traditional Japanese dance, they were great. The sensei was just amazing. Then there was this storyteller, which I loved. Storytelling is an underrated art. Then there were two groups of Taiko drummers! Woot! Go Taiko! Taiko is amazing, it has this energy that is so strong you can feel it.

Yeah, everyone wants to go back to Mochitsuki 2004. ^.^

Ok, today has been really dull, but I'm in a pretty good mood. English was silent time (I think our teacher's a bit of a control freak...). We have a final next class, suckage! TA'ing was pretty dull, as usual, but there's bishi, so I'm content. I wrote a random stalker poem, intended to be HUMOR! ^.^;; I'm not a scary stalker; I've never even tried to stalk someone, and I don't plan to. Math was really dull, it's math.

My free period is now and Maria-chan's here! Yay! I'm so glad she's cutting cla-- I mean, spending time with me! ^.^ I feel so loved!

Well, I'm going to be doing lots of nothing this period. Maybe I'll add my random stalker poem to my site. ^.^ Maaaaybe.

Anyway, here is my

Hey there, did I ever mention
That you feed my obsession,
Did you know that I watch you?

Hey there, do you hear me confessing?
These urges I'm supressing,
Won't stay down that much longer

Every day I find you
Follow right behind you
Watch your every move
I've been called a stalker,
Left love notes in your locker,
just to get to you

Have you noticed me yet?
See I've got this little bet
I bet myself I'd drive you insane
Don't worry, I don't bite
Just roam your house at night
Seeing how long I can mess with your brain

Don't stay up too late,
'cause I've got a date
Spending the night rearranging your room

Oh, I dubbed Saturday "MHS Drama Hell." I spent NINE HOURS at school on a Saturday, sitting in front of a door making sure no one went in. It was this drama competition, and it was required for all drama students. Grrr. I will *never* do it again. EVER.

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