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Blah, blah, blah, my life is boring

Wow, nothing much has been going on. I took a test for english today, I think I did fairly well. It was really easy, which is strange because the test over the first two sections of the book was really hard... I'm worried.

TA'ing is still boring. The happy news is that after school today I'm going to help Mrs. Wheeler set up her livejournal account! ^.^ She will finallly join us.... Join us... Join us...

In math, we did math. Math is boring. (If A = B and B = C, A = C, right? Well, math class = math and math = boring, so... This is my practical application of math.)

I love fourth period. Here I am, updating my journal and checking my mail during school! It's so beautiful!

Last night I went to "babysit" for my neighbor, she wanted to go visit her husband in the hospital, he had a heart attack. I feel sorry for her, it's really hard to have someone you care for injured in any way.

Anyway, I wrote a poem and started a story, and

Untitled (not angsty) poem

A cresent moon hangs in the sky
Bringing on a primal high
The wind moves leaves in rustling rhythym
The time to move is now beginning
Bare feet fly across the pavement
Nothing now can stop this movement
A racing dance,
A game of chance
Both the hunter and the prey
Will live to see another day
The object of the hunt tonight
Will bring no fear nor cause a fight
Two lovers traverse concrete dunes
In the dance of the demon's moon

Can I get some feedback on this? Anybody? C'mon, you know you want to tell me it really sucks and you hate it and then tell me what I can improve!

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