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My recorded past isn't haunting me

I'm rereading my past LJ posts.... it's very strange, but it helps me remember things, how I felt on certain days, what was going on in my life even if I didn't say it outright.

Hmm.... I should go to bed soon, really. I think I'll go play games instead. I don't need that much sleep. (Ha ha ha ha)

Oh, I dressed up for school today and felt really awkward, but I felt better as the day wore on and I got a few compliments. ^.^ Thank you, people who complimented me! Especially guys and people I don't know very well... No offense to my friends, but I feel like you guys will say I look nice just to be polite. ^.^;; My (low) self-esteem makes me think funny things, so don't take it personally, nee?