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Ah, Saturday... 'tis beautiful!

Ok, maybe not that beautiful, but it's pretty spiffy. It's a nice sunny day at least. Sadly, my site was not added in the new batch of anipike links... I think it might be a little buggy, and I've had a complaint or two from my friend about my site not working at all. Strangly, it works fine on my school computers. In any case, I'm downloading an HTML validator program that will hopefull help me fix my site. I may be switching to a non-frames version soon. I think frames are handy, but I'd rather have everyone able to see my site. I think I'll fix it today, if I get a chance.

I want to play more Legend of Mana (The fun game with no plot, whee!). I only have 13 quests left to complete and I will have beaten all of them! Woot! I also need to work on stuff for Maria-chan's b-day. ^.^ Of course, there's a slew of 'fics I want to read too... I got into this huge original work, which is good and bad. Good, because I'll have plenty to read, bad because I want to sit down and read all of it at once, which would probably make me die. x.x So, I'll have to balance my time today (yeah, right!).

Jax and I were maybe going to do something.... but we probably won't. She's spending the day with Justin, I think. Grrrr.

On a happy note, I watched the Ah! Megami-sama movie last night! ^......^ Ah, it was so shoujou-y and sweet, I loved it! Thank you, Maiku-chan! ^.^ I think I'm going to watch it again today, maybe in *gasp* English this time.

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