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Ok, I've made yet another version to my site. Ah, it took me all day! I think it's worth it though, if my site doesn't have technical difficulties anymore. ^.^

I call my new site "Version Momoiro" and it's very, very pink. (Momoiro=pink in Japanese) I was just in a pink mood today, it is very seriously not pink to celebrate Valentine's day. I hate Valentine's day. Momoiro should be working fine, I gave it a once-over and everything seemed to work. I'll check it more at school where I have a bunch of different browsers to use. ^.^

The only major differences between Momoiro and "Field of Clover" is that I tossed out the art section and the adoptions section. ^.^;; Gomen ne, artist friends (Jax, Maria-chan!) but you have your own sites now, I don't see any reason for me to host your work. I took down the adoptions section because it was pointless and I never updated it.

Did I mention I'm using tables instead of frames now? Nathan, I'm guessing you're celebrating my site's lack of frames right now, if the pink hasn't sent you screaming in terror. ^.^

The best part of all this is that I have a version that should work for everyone now, so I can concentrate on content rather than bug-checking. Which reminds me, I'm going to run all my html files through my html validator (handy thing) and re-upload to make *sure* there aren't errors.

Please tell me if anyone finds any errors, ASAP! ^.^ I'd like my site to be 100% working.

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