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Well, I think Maria-chan's birthday went well... My present to her (coffee truffles) did not set and ended up being coffee fudge. *sniff* Oh well. Things never seem to turn out right when I try to make food for Maria-chan. Except pudding, which I usually can't ruin.

Monday was pretty good, for a Monday. Maria-chan let me read a little of the first Megatokyo graphic novel, and it's great. I have to go pick up my own copy!

Let's see... I updated my site. (first update to version Momoiro! Yay!) I've added a section titled "Cranberry no Miko and...." which is an opinion/rant/lecture type area. ^.^;; I have a grand total of one up so far. "CnM and Poetry" is up for anyone who wants some pointers or my thoughts on poetry. Enjoy, minna~

Now I have to go to school. Blech. Oh well, there's Writer's Club today! Whee~! I think today will be good... Why? ^.~ Because.

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