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Site goals and ideas

Ok, I've set some goals for my website for the next two months.

I want to add:

Two "CnM and...." each month, which shouldn't be too hard because they're fun to write.

Three poems each month. This could be easy or hard, depending on how inspired I feel. ^.^;;

Two pieces of writing, probably short stories or chapters, each month. This is going to be one of the hardest goals because I haven't sat down and written anything major for a while.

One winamp skin sometime during the two months. If I finish the one I have in progress right now (Legolas, blue) then I might start another one, but I doubt it. Winamp skinning is hard work!

One wallpaper each month. This is going to be hard, but I'm mainly doing it so I can improve my wallpaper making skills.

So, my goal by the end of March is 4 "CnM and...." 6 poems, 4 pieces of writing, 1 winamp skin and 2 wallpapers. If I manage all this, my site will have lots 'o content. ^.^

Some topics I'm thinking about writing on for the "CnM and...." are Valentine's Day; escapism through anime/manga, video games and books; yaoi; open-mindedness and stress.

Anyone have suggestions for topics or opinions? It'd be really helpful!