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The start of a site and "Warning! Warning!"

Ok! I finally sat down and started my NaNoWriMo site. Right now, it's pretty and mostly empty (like a sterotypical cheerleader's head). You can find my flaky site right here. It'll be a lot more interesting around say...the third or fourth of November. ^.^;;

What really makes me sad is the one thing my page does have: a warning. An ugly paragraph with some bright red text warning that some of my characters are gay. And I have to put that nasty warning there so people don't get mad and say things like, "You never told me there were gay people in your stories! I am now scarred for life, blah, blah, blah..." It makes me mad! Why do people care? Books don't usually have warnings on them! PEOPLE don't have warnings on them! Are you saying you're actually shocked or just that you're close-minded and feel like taking it out on me? Not just me, any author that has characters with "alternative lifestyles." The real world contains people like this. Get used to it, and grab a clue while you're at it.

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