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Well, my valentine's day was pretty good. No major heartbreak, no depression. I wrote a poem for my friend Mike to cheer him up... I don't know if it worked, he just read it and said something like, "It good." Is that a compliment?

I called a truce with Jax's boyfriend, I'm going to try and be nice to him now. I'm going to try really, really hard, because I want Jax and him to be happy, and it upsets her when I'm mean to him.

Ok... my "date" was so-so. I don't think Brien really liked me. It didn't help that we spent the entire evening in a smoke-filled bowling alley and then a crowded, noisy pizza parlour.

Let's see... he brought me a rose when he came to pick me up, which made a nice first impression. What's funny is I've always wanted flowers for valentine's day, but I've never got any before. ^....^ It really made me happy.

We talked quite a bit, mostly about anime, which is one of my favorite topics. ^.^ He was fun to talk to, although I wish we had been somewhere a *lot* quieter. Oh well. He is really nice, and very cute! He was talking about cosplaying as a sailor senshi, which most people would find disturbing, but I think it's great. He's a fanboy, but not perverted (that I noticed anyway) which is quite the change from the ecchi fanboys at my school.

Oh yeah, you probably want to know what he looks like... ^.^! He's quite a bit taller than me, very good looking, with *long* *black* hair. *fangirl drool* I don't think Jax ever told him about my love of guys with long hair...

To sum it up, nice, adorable, very attractive bishounen fanboy, who is fun to talk to. And I don't think he likes me. He did say he'd call me, and he borrowed some manga, so I'll see him again, but.... ~.~ I just hope things work out between us. I'd really, really like to see him more often.

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