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PPSATs and HTML (Shh, it's a secret code!)

^.^ I just took my practice PSATs (How redundant, right?) and I think I scored pretty well. My booklet said "An average score is about 49," and I scored 66 in verbal, 57 in math, and 64 in writing skills. I feel so smart.

In other news, I have added a bunch of stuff to my site, basically just character relationship stuff, but I feel good and I can update my site. Yay!

I still haven't done my math homework.....any homework, actually... ^.^;;;

Homework to do: Finish English novel and packet, write psychology paper, do three (!) chapters of math homework, finish my "rough draft" for creative writing (it's my NaNo site)

Homework done: 0/6 assignments

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