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Today was part productive, mostly not. ^.^ Just the way to spend my first free day of a four day weekend.

I made a new wall for my site, html'd two poems, and started re-html'ing my 'fics. (They were made with Word, which has icky unreadable html code) I'll update tomorrow, maybe. Tomorrow's my grandma's birthday, so I could end up being busy all day. ~.~

Anyway, the wall is made using the picture Maria-chan just drew me, of my "inner evil bunny" Renka. ^.^ It's not bad, all in all.

I also played a lot of FF5 today. Man, I love that game, even if there is next to nothing in the way of character development. ^.^;;

I finished re-reading "The Elvenbane" by Andre Norton and Mercades Lackey. Very good book! Almost up there with Sharon Shinn's "Archangel," which is my currently reigning favorite. I had it almost constantly checked out from the library for a few months while I read and reread until I nearly had it memorized. Then I went and bought my own copy, which has not been read nearly as much. Hmm... I think I'll start reading it tomorrow.

I found a new artist to adore! Ponderosa! Lots of very, very pretty art, oodles of Gundam wing and a few other series tossed in for good measure. ^.^;; I think I saved more than twenty of her pictures to my "Bishi" folder. I think my favorite that I found was a picture of Wufei, called "Beautiful Beast" (It's in the 9/02-12/02 gallery, in the middle) I think I'm going to spend a few days looking at every picture in her galleries, she's very talented.

I have a vague idea for a poem floating around in my head, I'm hoping to get it on paper sometime soon... I also have my not quite as vague idea for a story, but I'm going to wait for Maria-chan's character art since I've hit a dead end on it for the moment.

Speaking of Maria-chan... She was supposed to drop off some anime today, but she never showed up, and she didn't call or e-mail me. I'm worried! Maria-chan, daijoubu desu ka?!

^.^ I took a quiz today, "What FF6 character are you?" and I ended up being Locke, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that knows me. ^.~ Let's just say I'm a fairly skilled 'treasure hunter' who likes to mess with her friend's minds a little bit.

I'm still sore and I think I've found a few extra bruises here and there. I don't regret sparring though, I love it and every bruise is worth it. ^.^ Especially if I get to spar with good friends!

One final note.... no matter how many times I watch the Hellsing opening, that bitchy girl still looks like a bishi guy to me. ~.~ Yeah, I've OD'd on shoujo manga and anime, obviously.

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