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Not again!

I haven't updated for four days. Again. Why do I keep doing this? Oh well, can't help it I guess.

Let's see... I started working on two of my stories again, which is good! Yay, I might actually finish one of them sometime. *knock on wood*

I got a chibi sketchbook, I'm going to work on my (very not good) drawing skills. ^.^;; Should be interesting. I have to remember to take a manga for reference today. Yes, "reference." I won't just be looking at the pictures. ^.^ Maybe I should take a yaoi manga and scare everyone! Hee hee! Or worse, take Kaikan Phrase. Pretty, pretty art. But ecchi. Very ecchi. ^.^;; I think I'll take something not ecchi.

Yay, I get to go to Maria-chan's today! Wai wai! We're going to play... umm.... Guitaroo Man? Something like that. It sounds fun, anyway. And even if it's not god's gift to gaming (why must I alliterate?) I can hang out with Maria-chan! Wai! ^.^

I noticed yesterday that my friend Shel-chan looks like Tsuzuki from Yami no Matsuei, minues the purple eyes. Heh heh heh. Anyone up for a game of poker?

Amanda-chan is drawing me a big poster-size picture of.... Hotohori! Kyaaa~! He's so pretty.... ^.^;; I'm going to let her borrow my Fushigi Yuugi cards for the weekend so she can draw more pictures.

If, by some miracle, I draw something I think is decent, I'll post it here. ^.^;; Don't keep your hopes up.

Above all.... it's FRIDAY! W00T! ^.^

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