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Masaka..... watashi no uiikuendo!

So much for my high hopes of actually getting something done this weekend. ^.^;; I did write a little introspective piece from the point of view of one of my characters, from a story I haven't written yet, but that's all. >.> and I'm not posting it because I haven't even read it over yet. I have an idea for a poem that *won't* get out of my head and it won't solidify into a usable form. Grr.

I spent the night at Maria-chan's on Friday, and it was fun! We played Gitaroo Man and... Guilty Gear X2, featuring KOYASU TAKEHITO! Kyaa! I really, really want that game now, enough to maybe pawn off a few games so I can afford it. There are lots of bishi, and the voice acting is still in Japanese, yay! Very high on my "want to get" list. Still, I want to get Fushigi Yuugi before anything else. Grr. Must be strong and *not* go get new game.

I also got some bad news from Maria-chan, which I won't go into detail about. Let's just say it's going to be a long week of avoiding. ~.~

Maria-chan (this entry's all about her, obviously ^.^;;) also gave me some new music, lots of it actually. My favorites so far are all (five) of the Malice Mizer songs, Yuki Kimura's "Seeking your Warmth," and all of "Ainori meets cyber trance." New music is a very, very good thing.

Let's see... I decorated my sketch book with bishi, hopefully someone will find something on there offensive so I can laugh at them. I've got this hilarious little Yami no Matsuei comic on the front.

1: (Muraki walks up to Tsuzuki) Muraki: I want your body...
2: (Muraki whispers something in Tsuzuki's ear, Tsuzuki looks shocked) !?
3: (Tsuzuki is blushing, Muraki has heart eyes) Tsuzuki: Oh... Okay...
4: (Muraki is holding a knife and standing over Tsuzuki's decapitated body, there's a head floating in a tank in the background)

I like the comic, it's hilarious if you've seen the series, in a sick way. Off the subject of the comic, I'd like to make a poll and ask how many people wish Hisoka *hadn't* come to rescue Tsuzuki after his poker game with Muraki. ^.^ Heh heh heh...

This week should be long and boring, but I am *really* going to try and do my homework. Really! ~.~ I need incentive, or a bribe or something. Hmm...

If I survive through the week, Brien said he'd like to do something on the weekend. Wai! ^.^ I will test his gaming skills! Bwahahaha~!

I'm also thinking about enter a fanfiction contest... Could be a challenge and fun, which would be nice. On the other hand, I'm not sure if I'd want the entry under my name. ^.^;;; I'm shy, even online... Go figure.

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