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Mar. 1st, 2003

Ok, yesterday was sucky, but I'm feeling much better today. Going over to my neighbor's to babysit later. Yay. ~.~ I *must* do some homework!

Anyway, I was on gamefaqs this morning, and I noticed a game that's going to come out April Ninth..... an Inuyasha fighting game! Woo hoo! There's not much information about it out yet, but I saw a few screens, and it looks pretty nice. It's a 2d fighter and it (very predictably) uses clips from the anime. I just checked a faq, and apparently you can play as just about everybody, including Naraku and Sesshoumaru! YOSHA~!

I also got back into playing Chrono Cross again.... That game is way too addictive! There's just too much to do! So, I spent the morning getting Rainbow weapons, mail and helmets for my favorite team. (Serge, Nikki, Guile) I wish you could change Serge out when you're walking around instead of just in battle. Then I could have a nice party like Guile, Nikki and Karsh! Of course, I'd be too busy drooling to actually *play* the game, so maybe it would be a bad thing. Well, I have to go beat down the time devourer for the millionth time. Man, he's a complete wuss. Why is he the final boss? It's like Kuja from FFIX.... He looked so cool, and he was a LOSER! ~.~

Ah, gaming. What a simple peaceful life, where you have to kill hundreds of strange creatures and raid people's houses to steal things. ^.^