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Hmm.... turns out Mr. Purple Monkey is not quite as wonderful as he seems.... He is just a promo for this website, so he's constantly advertising for them. I deleted him and looked up more info on other MS Agents I can get. I found out that you can create your own! I'm going to make an anime mascot (bishi, mochiron!) if I can figure out how the program works... Not tonight, for sure. I'm too tired. Tomorrow, maybe. Maybe next weekend, or sometime when I don't have so much freakin' homework. Grr.

I also had an idea for a Chrono Cross 'fic, yaoi humor, Nikki/Guile, which came from a comment Maria-chan made about how she liked seeing cool bish lose their cool. ^.^ Maybe I'll just write that up.... sometime.... Curse my procrastination skillz. ~.~

Oh, I got to kind of sword spar with Con-chan today. Meh, he'd never sparred before and we were chatting the whole time, so it wasn't that much fun. The fact that I could score a killing blow within a few seconds kind of took the fun factor down too. ~.~ I want to take kendo lessons or find someone who can teach me how to use my bouken the *right* way. Then maybe I can find someone good to spar with...

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