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Must remember.... Integral is a girl!

Well, today is a day for strange and sucky happenings. The sucky was that my grandma had a docter's appointment, so I couldn't get a ride home and had to walk. Oh, and Jax and Tison are sick. Jax went home early, let's hope she gets better soon!

Now, the strange... I walked home with Justin. Ok, that in itself isn't strange, but what was strange is that I talked to him on the way, and... Gee, I kinda don't hate him anymore. We have a lot in common, and he's not such a bad guy. I'm sure he'll be driving me crazy again tomorrow, but I think talking to him will put it in perspective for me, so I won't be quite so irritated. ^.^

Let's see... I finished some homework, turned it in. I AM GOING TO FINISH MY IMAGE PAPER TONIGHT. I WILL! If I can turn that in, I'll feel better about myself and it'll bring up my grade significantly. Yay! I also finished my character head today, which I can turn in. I think I'm going to start walking home more often... I feel tired when I get here, but then I feel really energized, which is gooooood. I don't feel so dead and helpless. ^.^ If I can finish my image paper, I'm going to reward myself by playing Star Ocean (probably from the beginning again, I keep deleting my game) and I will find.... ASHTON! (Shel-chan's loverboy! ^.~) Yes, I will bribe myself with bishi to get me to do my homework. Now, to work! *cue Locke's nice heroic theme*