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Yay, I finished my image paper! I could go play Star Ocean, but I'd rather talk to my friends! Maria-chan and Shel-chan are both on LJ and AIM so we can chat and post until the cows come home! It's not over until the fat cow sings! Holy chocolate milk cow, I'd better stop the cow jokes.

Yeah, today was dull. I... went to school and was bored! Ok, I got to chat with Shel-chan all through theatre, which was fun until he started flicking my head. He's way too good at blocking. Grr. Oh well, I stole his keychain and kept it for all class and most of lunch, until he had *two* of his friends attack me and get it back. Unfair odds!

The other good thing was hanging out with Maria-chan at the library after school! We were there for.... wow, about three hours, I think. ^.^ It's great actually getting to spend time with her. Oh, and she's started a jrock bishi picture of the day thing.... my life is good! Now if I can just convince a certain bishi friend to cosplay as Tsuzuki....!


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Mar. 4th, 2003 09:41 pm (UTC)
Nevvvver!! And you are too good and attacking, Ms. Persistance. And I didn't HAVE to have them attack you. I just mentioned it as a joke, and they did it. Heehee. ^_^\\//
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