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Today was pretty sucky. English was boring, my TA period we had a sub so I did *nothing,* math was godawful. I'm going in tomorrow morning for help with my homework.

Then there was everyone feeling like crap. Jackie's sick and she's not back yet, Tison's sick but hanging in there, Maria-chan's empty/angry, Shel-chan's perpetually angsty. It's not a cheerful day to be at school. Oh, and mushy teddy bear man's angsty. I feel guilty, because I know why and it's kind of my fault. ~.....~

I got to chat with Cici for a few minutes, which was nice. She told me there was hope, for this one thing... yeah. ^.^;;

There was a walk-out today, but I don't think anyone took it seriously. Some people were using it as an excuse to skip class, which is sad. I didn't go, because it wouldn't make a difference. Our president seems dead-set on going to war, and I don't think one voice or a hundred is going to change his mind.

With all this crap going on, I'm going to crank up my happy music and go bake cookies. No, Nathan, not hate cookies.

Ok, minna! Tomorrow, I shall have cookies for everyone. Maybe it'll manage to cheer someone up, just a little.... Here's hoping.

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