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Ok, Shel-chan has asked me to update again, since he's obviously a LJ addict, so I'll humor him. |\|00|3 LJ addicts are dangerous. I should not speak in l337. Grr.

Let's see.... I made cookies. They're pretty good. ^.^;; Yay. I'll bring most of them to school tomorrow and they will be pretty gone. What else.... I've had too much sugar, but I feel alive and human and not crappy for the first time in a while. Yay!

I've started reading two webcomics at once, which is scary. Little Gamers and Elf Only Inn both of which Shel-chan would probably like. Hmm... since this post is for Shel-chan, I'm going to list all of the titles I've thought of for him! Mwahahaha! Evil is good! Hmm... dying is bad though... Ooh, to be evil or not to be evil... decisions, decisions... Yeah, right! Like I was even thinking about *not* being evil! ^....^

I think I'll do titles for the LJ-tachi: Shel-chan, Maria-chan, and me. Ohohohoho~~~!

Shel-chan is...
...Ashton's loverboy
...a fanboy to be evil to
...a Tsuzuki clone, probably created by Muraki for some incredibly twisted ecchi reason denial about his ecchi/yaoi side. (Maybe both... ^.^)
...probably going to kill me
...good at blocking angst bunny
...the creator of Nema, the ultimate bishi

Maria-chan is...
...a DAMN GOOD artist!
...watashi no ichiban suki na tomodachi! with a bunch of akuma that call themselves her "family"
...a really, seriously DAMN GOOD artist. REALLY! Hontou no hontou ni!
...the artist who drew Nema, the ultimate bishi, in all his bishi glory.
...bringing joy to LJ with her jrock bishi of the day posts. ^......^!!!!!!

I am...
...not as l337 as Shel-chan or Maria-chan
...a dangerous fangirl
...obsessed with bishounen
...a yaoi fan. Mwahaha. (All your bishi are belong to us!)
...much more ecchi than I seem. Heh heh heh...
...kinda bored
...the scary person who could possibly be obsessed with Nema, the ultimate bishounen. (Can I keep him? Huh?! Huh?! Huh?! Onegai~~~~?
...putting off doing anything imporant by making these lists

Ok, must stop listing things..... ^.^;;

I was thinking about starting a serial story. Ya know, one that a tiny part of is published every day/week/whatever? Any opinions? Encouragement? Hate mail? Bishounen tied up and.... nevermind. ^.......^!

Oh, some (engrish) lyrics from Ayumi Hamasaki's "Real Me"

"A woman could be having fun
A woman could be like a nun
In order to survive"

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