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Whee~ Morning update! I woke up feeling sooooo tired this morning, and I woke about about 45 minutes *before* my alarm went off. >.< What's wrong with me? Oh well, I don't have to be in school for very long today, YAY! Let's see... 8:45am until 1:15pm (close enough) would be... only four and a half hours! I'm getting out almost two hours early because of the shortened classes on friday, YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

La la la, don't have much to say. I hope my grandpa is still up, 'cause I DON'T want to walk to school in the rain. Cold, wet, and it soaks into my backpack. Bleh.

Hmm.. grandpa is thinking about it... *crosses fingers*

Ok, today has the potential to be very, very good. Pleeeeeeeeease let it be good! Let's see, for today to be perfect, I'll do nothing (or really easy things) in my classes, get a ride to school, get something good for lunch (I have money, yay!) and then get to game with Maria-chan and Shel-chan! ^.^

Oh, and Jax really liked the banner I made for her site. ^.^;; I got a very cheerful e-mail this morning saying I'm going to get a big hug when I get to school. >.> I'm going to be glomped, somebody save me~~~~! ^.~ Nah, just kidding. I think I can handle a Jax-glomp. I hope.

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