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"I ownz j00 n00b"

Well, I got up really late this morning (barely morning, in fact) so I think today is going to go by really fast. Which might be good, 'cause I'm going to be doing homework all day. Blech.

Hopefully Maria-chan will bring me the cd I left at her house (need more music!) and this mysterious picture she's drawing for me as a late x-mas present. ^.......^

I have been dubbed "Raecchi-chan" by my friends, and I have this sinking feeling it'll stick. *shakes fist at friends* Well... it's not that bad, and it's an apt enough description, I guess... ^.^;;;

Ok, after seeing pictures of Gackt, I like his music even more. It was really good before, and now I know there's a drop-dead bishi guy singing it. ^.....^ Same goes for Malice Mizer and Dir en Gray, and all those j-pop/rock groups that are very pretty guys. Geez, why aren't there groups like that over here? Stupid Americans and their dislike of pretty guys! *shakes fist* (Hmm... just realized I stole the fist shaking thing from Shel-chan...)

Anyway, I have homework to do! I really *want* to finish it today, so maybe I'll get some done. I'm starting with the easy easy english stuff. Math is low on the list.

And I have to remember to tell my teachers that I'm leaving in a week (from tomorrow). ^.^ I'm gonna miss the whole week before spring break, which is good and bad. I'm going to miss everyone~~! *sniff* And I won't be able to have a third ultra-spiffy friday. Dang. >.<

Where was I... oh yeah! Homework, must do homework! *wanders off*

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