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"Ore wa tenshi~"

Yay, it's morning. >.< Not.

Ok, it's not that bad. I'm not really that tired. Maria-chan brought me a really pretty picture last night, and once again I must say, "HONTOU NO HOUNTO NI DOUMO ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA!" ^.^ She also brought me the CD of Jrock bishi pictures and music that I left behind. ^.......^! 52 Porno Graffitti songs, w00t! I love them just because their band name is so wrong! Anyway, their music is really cheerful and upbeat, perfect thing to start the day with.

I can't wait for this Friday, dad already said that Maria-chan, Shel-chan, Yuu-chan and I can come over and take more Jrock-ized pictures. ^.^! Tanoshii da yo~~~! There's more room at my house, which is nice, and there's a lot more props we can use, like my spiffy cloak! It should be very fun. Gaming and bishi, what a nice going away party. ^.^

Hmm... I should go eat breakfast. I'm hungry. *eyes cat* Hmm... rename the cat Menchi, or go into the kitchen and get some "yummy" cereal? Ah, decisions, decisions...

Just kidding, ya know. ^.~

For some reason, the singer for Porno Graffitti sounds kinda like Chichiri to me. o.O It's like a pop-star Chichiri... Weird. I really need to burn some of these songs onto a cd... I like it, and there's the potential to startle people when I tell them I'm listening to Porno Graffitti. ^.^

Oh, and the mood icon? I'm just seeing what it looks like, 'cause I'm not sure what my real mood is. Something like awake/mellow/cheerful.

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