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Today was a mixed bag... It started off really good when I listened to Porno Graffitti's "Agehachou" over and over (and over and over, etc.) and it made me all happy and bouncy, and then I was really blah and depressed in the middle of the day, and now I think I'm ok again.

What am I saying, my mommy sent me chocolate! Of course I'm ok! ^.~ Love ya, mom!

Let's see... what else happened today... Shel-chan fried my brain, so anything stupid I do for oh.... the next week or so is ALL HIS FAULT! Yeah! ^.^

I don't feel like talking about my day much. It really wasn't that bad, as days go. I guess I just have to accept my moments of massive angstage and roll with 'em. *shrug* Now then, I want to do something this evening. Not homework, nessecarily, but something. Maybe write more to a story. ^.^ Maybe add to my list I've started, "__ Uses for Gackt." For Maria-chan, of course. I've got 17 so far, I think. Some are less ecchi than others. Heh heh heh. It's funny that I'm happy when I'm being ecchi. >.> I never would have thought I would like being ecchi a few years ago, and now look! I've even earned the name "Raecchi" from my friends. ^.^ Heh. Well, I'm off to do... something! Yes, glorious something! *cue hero music*

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