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" ^.~ himitsu~~! "

Once again, morning. Man, I could get tired of this whole "Get up, things happen, sleep, get up" sort of routine. ^.^;; Of course, that's just what life is. Hee... I'm having a weird morning.

It must be Shel-chan's fault. ^.^

Yay, there's Writer's Club today! I'm trying to convince Mitch-chan to go too, but I don't know how likely that is. ^.^;; Well, it'll be great no matter what. Maa... I'm kinda tired. Must've stayed up too late last night. Chatting online is a dangerous pasttime. Especially if there's a lot of the "^.......^ Himitsu~~!" stuff going on. o.6 Yeah, I mean you. Well, I was doing that too, but still... Confusing brain-fried people is meaaaaaaaaaan. Nyah.

I hope today is an easy day, and I hope I get stuff done. I'm probably going to be in my math class during my free period (O.o two classes of math in a row...) so I can finish my homework. ~.~ Not fun, not fun. I'll just hang onto the fact that there's Writer's Club after school.

Now, I have to go. Must burn myself another Porno Graffitti cd, so people can freak out when I tell them what I'm listening to. That, and they're music r0xxors! ^.^