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"Good taste, bad timing" ~.~

I feel much better than I did last night, but I'm still not what I'd call really happy. ~.~;;;

Last night was so beautiful, I wanted to go outside and run around, but I didn't. ~.~ *sigh* I hope there will be other nights like that one...

Today is Wednesday... one more day until anime club, and two until... FRIDAY~! The day of SPIFFINESS! It's going to be like last Friday... but without Maria's family. *happy dance* Ok, Maria-chan, could you please bring: your makeup (duh) any props you can think of (bring the collar! Onegai!) maybe that little red lamp (I don't have much in the way of lighting ^.^;;) and gameage, of course! (Gitaroo man and Guilty Gear, onegaishimasu~!)

Ja, see everyone later today.

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