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"My soft humming does nothing to the painful silence, so cold and empty, now that you've gone"

Not much going on today. I'm really really cold 'cause I stood out in the beautiful pouring rain... ^.^

Quick rundown:

Japanese: dull, I attacked Maiku-chan with a stuffed lion hand puppet.
Theatre: REALLY dull, listened to a lecture on makeup all class... ~.~
Creative Writing: dull, listened to lady babble on and on about book, then worked on my rough draft of my project. Go me.
History: this class is the definition of dull. bleeeeeeeeeeeech.
After school: Rain. Cold. Not quite angst.

Yeah, that's what's going on. I SERIOUSLY need to study for my math test tomorrow, and I MUST remember to tell my teachers I'm leaving. >.< I wrote it on my hand, that seemed to help.

Paths of Desire
by The October Project

I have traveled the Paths of Desire
Gathering flowers and carrying fire
Raising a grave to the reasons behind me
Looking for strength as you live to remind me
I'm drawn to you
I'm caught in you...

I am the fly who dreams of the spider
The path to the web becomes deeper and wider
I dream of the silk that is tangled inside you
And know that I want to be somewhere beside you
I'm drawn to you
I'm caught in you...

In you eyes
All the promises
All the lies
Will you keep all of the promises
In your eyes?

I am crossing the bridges of sorrow
Empty with yearning and full of tomorrow
The river is high and the bridges are burning
I know I've been hurt but I keep on returning
I'm drawn to you
I'm caught in you...

In your eyes
All of the promises
All the lies
Will you keep all the promises
In your eyes?

I have traveled the paths of desire
Following smoke and remembering fire
The night is falling, the path is receding
I don't need to see it to know where it's leading

In your eyes
All of the promises
All the lies
Will you keep all of the promises
In your eyes...?

I found this song when used it as the image song for a layout. It's really beautiful, and great to sing along with. The lyrics hold lots of meaning too, if the pretty music wasn't enough. ^.^

Maria-chan taught me how to do the funny scrolly text thing! Whee!

Porno Graffitti ga suki desu ka? Bishounen ga suki desu ka? Watashi ga suki desu ka?

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